Bringing Reliable High-Speed
Internet to Southwest Iowa

We can now provide TRUE, reliable high speed broadband internet to your home or business.

Howard’s Electronics is expanding services in Mills County after 35 years of business!

We can now provide TRUE, reliable high-speed broadband internet to your home or business. Mills County desires and deserves these internet services. Howard’s HighSpeed has a great history of service, reliability, and the most reasonable rates across Southwest Iowa!

Internet Service Packages

Bronze Service

Typical internet usage for this plan:

  • Casual internet browsing
  • Email usage
  • Silver Service

    Typical internet usage for this plan:

  • Social Networking
  • Single device streaming
  • Gold Service

    Typical internet usage for this plan:

  • Power users
  • Gamers
  • One or two streaming devices
  • Platinum Service

    Typical internet usage for this plan:

  • Power users
  • Security Cameras
  • Multiple device streaming
  • Business Service

    Typical internet usage for this plan:

  • Home-based or regular Business Use
  • Internet telephony (VoIP)
  • VPN connections (IPsec, PPTP, L2TP, OVPN)
  • Public IP
  • Remote Access
  • Some installations require additional equipment and time.

    We offer you a quality Internet experience. Broadband Internet is month-to-month. We provide you with a simple billing method instead of writing a check each month. Much like Amazon or any other Internet shopping service – we automatically bill your credit card each month. Cash/check option available.




    We’ll prepare a site survey recommendation cost-based on optimum antenna placement
    including required hardware.

    Here’s how the process works.

    1. We start with a ‘site survey’ to determine if we are able to deliver the service to
      your home or business.
    2. Our  $99.95 Standard Professional Installation : includes installation of our
      Subscriber Module antenna and bringing a Cat5e Ethernet wire into your home at a
      location you designate. We’ll also make a connection to a single PC, Laptop or
      wireless router.


    • Our managed router is required for your service. It has wifi and will be replaced free of charge if it ever fails. ($4.95/mo)
    • As an optional add-on, you can use the CLEARVIEW 20/20 service of our managed router to do advanced things like block and unblock your kids, see usage of each device, throttle devices to slower speeds, and much more. (Additional $9.95/mo)
    • You don't need your own router, but you can connect it to our managed router if you wish. You must disable its 5G wireless, however, because it can and will conflict with your service.

    This Acceptable Use Policy is a material part of any agreement with Howard's HighSpeed for the provision of its services to business and consumer customers.

    About Us

    We offer fixed wireless broadband Internet services, providing an affordable, outstanding user experience. Howard’s HighSpeed empowers the user to personalize their broadband Internet solution – no bundles, and no Internet data limits!

    Howard’s HighSpeed offer broadband Internet services to a majority of the residents in Southwest Iowa broadband network, complements Howard’s Electronics and increases the broadband coverage in the territory.

    Howard’s HighSpeed Inc is the first fixed wireless broadband Service Provider Company in America created exclusively for the advancement, management, and deployment of affordable wireless broadband Internet services in rural and underserved communities throughout America.


    Maximize your personalized Internet experience with Howard's HighSpeed.

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