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Serving Rural Areas

Do you live in a rural or underserved area of southwest Iowa and have trouble finding quality internet service?

We've got you covered with reliable high speed internet and top-notch customer service for your home or business! Call us now!

high speed internet

No Contracts | Easy Pay

You can cancel at any time.

Don't worry about writing a check and mailing it on time. Your credit card will be automatically billed month-to-month.

Cash/check option available.

high speed internet

No Buffering

Experience too much buffering when you watch videos or movies? Enjoy great internet with minimal to no buffering.

Choose the package that suits your needs — single user with a few streaming devices, a family with multiple devices, or a business.

Home Telephone Services

Now Offering Home Telephone Services!

At only $19.95!*
UNLIMITED Nationwide Calls!
Caller ID, Call waiting, Call forwarding, and more!
For more information call 712-302-3010.

*Applicable charges to retain existing telephone number (IF necessary or requested) and setup fee.

How the Service Works

No need for a telephone or cable wire. Our technology provides your high speed internet over the air directly to your home or business.

A transmitter linked to a high speed fiber optic connection beams a strong internet signal to our towers.

A secure WiFI signal is broadcast by our towers directly to your receiver, which is installed by our technicians.

Enjoy your fast, secure internet!

Internet Services

Site Survey

Always Free. No Obligation.

A "site survey" is performed to determine if we're able to deliver the service to your home or business. And you don't need to be home for us to conduct the survey.

We’ll provide you a site survey recommendation cost-based on optimum antenna placement including required hardware.

What's Next?

If service can be provided to your location, pick a package (see below), and we'll set a date for installation.

Our $99.95 Standard Professional Installation includes installation of our Subscriber Module antenna and bringing a Cat5e Ethernet wire into your home at a location you designate. We’ll also make a connection to a single PC, laptop or wireless router.

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Internet Service Packages

Howard’s HighSpeed offers 5 levels of service, including telephone service, to accommodate the needs of multiple requirements and budgets.


$39.95 per Month
  • Casual Internet Browsing
  • Email Usage


$69.95 per Month
  • Social Networking
  • A Few Streaming Devices


$99.95 per month
  • Power Users & Gamers
  • Multiple Streaming Devices


$129.95 per Month
  • Power Users
  • Security Cameras
  • MANY Streaming Devices


$169.95 per Month
  • Home Business or Regular Business Use
  • Internet Telephony (VoIP)
  • VPN connection (IPsec, PPTP, L2TP, OVPN)
  • Public IP
  • Remote Access

Managed Router | $9.95 per Month

Today’s WiFi routers NEED to meet tougher demands, standards of operation, and advanced management capabilities. YOUR WiFi router may not. Howard’s HighSpeed’s managed router service DOES! OURS is configured to not only provide power to our newly introduced services and advanced equipment, it also provides you the best internet experience and management including advanced features like block and unblock your kids, see usage of each device, throttle devices to slower speeds, and much more. This advanced router is also Warrantied for LIFE*! If our managed router should fail for ANY reason, it is replaced.

If you choose to use your existing WiFi router, we'll need to reconfigure it to operate within the new system and protect our equipment. There will be a $15.00 additional charge to perform the reconfiguration. Should you experience any unwanted issues, we cannot offer any form of technical support to you.

*Warranty coverage = The entire length of your service term with Howard’s HighSpeed.


Ready for reliable high speed internet and great customer service?

We're happy to answer your questions and help you get started.

Call (712) 302-3010 today!

About Howard’s HighSpeed

Living in Mills County for over 35 years, Howard Kamish was often approached regarding the need to improve our rural internet services. Many of his Howard’s Electronics business clients urged him to help find a solution. Tired of poor service and under-served clients, he decided to develop and launch Howard’s HighSpeed in 2017.

Reinvestment and Ratings

Reinvesting everything back into the company and consistently improving equipment and services, Howard works hard to keep his service at the forefront of the industry.

Although no system is perfect, Howard’s HighSpeed boasts the lowest down time of area internet service providers and the fastest response time to any known issues, earning the highest ratings in both customer satisfaction and reliability in local polls. Howard works 7 days a week and often 18 hours a day to keep the highest ratings in the area.


A smaller independent company, Howard’s HighSpeed has never received support from the state or county. As possible, Howard’s plans to cover more areas and communities still in need of reliable internet service. Currently Howard’s is working on expansion to the South and East.

With much of Mills County still being overlooked and poorly serviced, Howard’s feels customer service is primary and internet service a necessary utility to provide for all.

Internet service needs to perform reliably, consistently, and be affordable. Howard’s HighSpeed strives to check ALL of these boxes.

Ratings Chart

Survey results from local Facebook forum.


What Customers Are Saying

I have nothing but positive things to say about Howard’s HighSpeed.

We live outside of the city limits, so we knew it might be challenging to find a reliable internet provider. As soon as we signed up with Howard’s HighSpeed, we have been continually impressed. It is rare that we do have an issue with our network, but if we do Howard gets back to us very quickly and will make every effort to fix the problem as soon as he can. He is very responsive with any questions we have either by phone call, email or text. Which is an awesome feature that you can’t get with other internet providers. The internet service itself is everything you would hope to have. We frequently stream movies and have yet to have any buffering! There are also many levels of service designed to meet your individual needs. If you need reliable and fast internet service with an even more reliable and friendly person, call Howard!

—Megan Dickersbach, Glenwood, Iowa

Your professionalism and honesty is appreciated.

We wanted to take this time to thank you for helping us resolve the problem with our Internet. Your service is above and beyond what other internet services provide. Your professionalism and honesty is appreciated by both of us. We look forward to continuing our service with you. We will gladly recommend you to all of our neighbors and friends. 

—Stephen & Michelle Fornoff

Service above and beyond.

Howard always goes above and beyond to ensure his customers have what they need when they need it. He's never but a phone call or text away and responds immediately IF I have an issue of any kind. Thanks Howard!

—Kris Clark

Completely satisfied with the internet service and the exceptional customer support.

I have had Howard’s HighSpeed service for over two years now. I have been completely satisfied with the internet service and the exceptional customer support that Howard provides. Living out in the country, our internet options were very limited. I had Century Link DSL but the service was very slow and we experienced many interruptions of service. Howard is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns regarding my service. I would highly recommend Howard’s HighSpeed internet service!

—Tim O'Brien, Glenwood, Iowa

The best Internet reception/service we have ever used.

We began Internet service with Howard Kamish (Howard’s HighSpeed) two years ago. This has been the best Internet reception/service we have ever used. I work from my home for a hospital system which requires dependable high speed Internet service. Howard provides excellent customer service and goes above and beyond to ensure that our service is always working and, if needed, repairs are completed as quickly as possible. He is always available to receive or return phone calls regarding any issues/questions ASAP. We would highly recommend Howard’s HighSpeed for anyone who is seeking Internet service.

—Gordon & Karen Reinert, Glenwood, Iowa

The quality and service surpasses what I have available by a long shot.

Hi Howard,

I wanted to let you know how everything is going with our service from Howard’s HighSpeed. In my opinion, overall the quality and service surpasses what I have available by a long shot. We have had our challenges. Just as any business does. But you get that personal touch and effort that you will not receive from any other provider in the Mills county area. Howard’s HighSpeed has been a reliable service for my business, my family, and myself.


—Scott Hilger, Glenwood, Iowa